Sportland Bike

Sportland Bike Rental is a tradition in the Wildwoods. Generations of families have enjoyed biking on the Wildwood Boardwalk as part of their family vacation.   

In 1980, the Masterson family purchased Sportland Bike Rental from Mr. Whitey Hamilton who started the business in the 1930's...  In the 26 years since,  many things have taken place at the bike rental.  Specialty bikes, including Surries, Choppers, and Side by Sides, have placed many different wheels on the boardwalk.  

In 1993, a fire at our  location destroyed the entire block of the boardwalk.  What seemed like a tragedy at the time turned out to be a blessing.  A new fire proof building replaced a building built in the 1930's.

The Masterson family looks forward to each new season and seeing old friends and new customers, while they enjoy their special family vacation in the Wildwoods.


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